Immanuel Highlands is a diverse and inclusive community in the Episcopal tradition recognizing Scripture, tradition, and reason as the basis for faith and the understanding of our relationship with an unconditionally loving God. It has a theological span that encompasses both C.S. Lewis and Marcus Borg.

As a community we gather together for the following reasons:

  1. 1.To worship with four weekly worship times, solemn, joyful, intricately liturgical celebrations around major and minor feasts, Evensong on the first Sunday of each month, and two choirs to both lead and enhance worship

  2. 2.To break bread together whether it is after service on Sunday, a reception after Evensong, a Fellowship Potluck the 3rd Sunday of the month, or meals after Feast Day celebrations

  3. 3.To do God’s work and be God’s hands in the world through outreach in our own parish, in our community, and responding to needs world-wide

Since we are a community, we welcome newcomers as much as we welcome each other. This flows from a knowledge that each person brings incalculable value to the human family and that our parish in enriched by each person who enters. As Jean Vanier said: “The response to injustice is to share. The response to despair is a limitless trust and hope. The response to prejudice and hatred is forgiveness. To work for community is to work for humanity.”